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Billy Bibbit.
The Sun reports that Johnny Depp might play the rest of Ledger's role in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

"Heath [...] was six weeks from finishing fantasy flick The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Now director TERRY GILLIAM wants his pal Johnny to film the remaining scenes. A studio source said: “There is a point in the film when Heath falls through a magic mirror. He could change into another character after that and that is where Johnny would come in.

“It’s a weird, fantasy, time-travel movie so Heath’s character could easily change appearance. It would be a poignant moment.

“Johnny’s not working at the moment so everyone is praying he will do it.”"

The whole article is here, but what I've just quoted is all there is about the movie.

What do you think guys? It's seems like it's too much to hope for the movie being completed, but Johnny and Heath do look a lot alike, it wouldn't be a big stretch. And Depp has the... star-power or whatever you call it, for it to be possible, wouldn't you think? I read a couple of the reports Dreams links to and they say the crew were more 'put on hold' than downright fired like US Magazin wrote.
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