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January 22nd, 2008

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demon sex
Today, as you might know, Heath Ledger passed away.

As sad as this is, what I'd like to know is: Will The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus be able to continue filming? Isn't he the lead role? I know it's very soon to ask, but if anybody knows anything...

October 9th, 2007

Gilliam's Next

"The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus"


September 23rd, 2007

Brazil icons

Someone suggested I post these here - thought you guys might appreciate them. :) Well, anyway, they can all be found here.

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March 18th, 2007

Everyone should read this article:

Bottom line: all DVDs of Tideland are significantly cropped on the sides, and all releases except the UK DVD have too much information on the top and bottom. The UK is therefore "less wrong" than the others, but all of them are incorrect. At this point the best thing to do is probably to wait and see if anyone puts out a reissue.

March 8th, 2007

More from Terry Gilliam...
I'm embarrassed! Having been assured that the Canadian DVD was the correct format, I now discover I was completely misled. What was I thinking? Why hadn't I jumped a plane and flown to Toronto to buy a Tideland DVD on the 1st day of sales? I would have known the truth before opening my big mouth. What a fool!!! I can begin to see why Stanley Kubrick went a bit whacko trying to keep an eye on every print of his films in every far-flung corner of the globe... and he had a full-time guy doing the legwork. Any volunteers? What I recommend for all the owners of the North American Tideland DVD is to get a roll of wide black tape.... sorry, before you do that go out and buy a dozen more copies of the DVDs and pass them out to your friends, then... pause the disc at the Capri Films logo when it flares out into a blue sky. What you see is the correct proportion of 2.35:1. Then unrolling the tape, mask off the black areas on the screen above and below. If you want to leave a little bit more space top and bottom of the logo you will end up with the UK proportion. Then you should just sit back and enjoy. All the information left to right is there. There was no panning and scanning. Just stupidity.


p.s. Check next day to see how many of your friends will still look you in the eye. They are the people you should be spending time with. Fuck the others!

In short, North Americans who do not own region-free players are out of luck. You need the UK DVD to watch the film correctly. Or you can use Terry's method.

March 6th, 2007

In case any of you haven't heard about what's happening with the aspect ratios on the various DVD versions of Tideland (see this discussion) here is a summary of what's going on.

Tideland was released to theaters in an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. The region-2 DVD by Revolver was overseen by Gilliam and opened up slightly to about 2.25:1 because he thought it looked better that way on the small screen.

ThinkFilm's region-1 release -- and DVDs known so far to be released by various companies in Russia, France, and Belgium -- are incorrectly framed at 1.78:1. ThinkFilm's explanation for the mistake is as follows:
You are correct that a 2.35:1 version is the most desired. We had in fact requested one early on in the DVD creation process; however, one was not created. Eventually, a faux 2.35 was created by the UK distributor, which ended up being closer to a 2.25 – a quick, but not complete solution. We are only in position to put out what materials are delivered to us, and although we all knew that the 1.78:1 was not ideal, nor true to the film, we had to proceed. We are currently working on getting a 2.35:1 master to work from and will plan a re-release when it is made available.

According to Terry Gilliam, the Canadian region-1 release is, in fact, correct:
I think we have to get the word out NOT TO BUY the American version of the DVD. The Canadian version is correct. It's Region1... so Americans can see the film as intended.

So, in summation, the UK DVD (by Revolver) and Canadian DVD (by Maple Pictures) both present Tideland with the intended framing. All other currently known releases so far are incorrect.

January 22nd, 2007

Terry Gilliam will be signing copies of the Tideland DVD at Forbidden Planet 179 Shaftesbury Ave London WC2H 8JR on Saturday 3rd February 1-2pm.

More information at www.forbiddenplanet.com

Tideland is released onto DVD on January 29th 2007
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